from by Planet Booty



Alright everybody!

Sequin stars surround your thighs.
Bedazzler rhinestones patterns shine.
Such a nice belt buckle there’s nothing you have to hide.

So loosen up, forget your fuss.
We’re gonna get absoludicrous.
Put on your boots and party pants.
Kaboom caboose conga crazy dance.
Don’t hesitate, your smellin’ great.
Show us all how to freak, to freak, to freak.

My watch says its hammer time.
You can’t touch this state of mind.
We’re all getting stoopid
Everyone’s fellin’ fine.

Hey now gather ‘round it’s tough to be a man.
The worlds gone crazy but you gotta understand.
They may have got your monkey
But don’t let them get your goat
That little bitty billy is the one who loves you most.

Nate scat

Is everyone okay?
We’ll cook you all some eggs.
Just try to find shad and lay down.

I can’t even talk no more.
I can’t even walk no more.
I can’t even think anymore
All I know is the music coming
And its goin’ on the floor.
Goin’ out my feet
Everyone that I meet
They I’m crazy, think I’m crazy
I’m just getting stoopid !

I’m just trying dance you know its like, its like this. Check it’s like…

Boogawoogawoogawoogawowowo… no?

How about?
Brrr with my lips
And I can go brrr with my hips
And I can go brrr with my chest
And I can go brrr with the best

Yes and one, two move it up and down
Left and right, left and right very good, ready and
Pump it, pump it, up and down on the floor

Yes, yes, yes, yes, wooo yeaaaah!

That’s what I’m talking about

Oooo, yes, yes, get stooped and YES!!!


from Planet Booty, released March 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Germart Oakland, California

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