Smelly Crack

from by Planet Booty



You see in the Smelly Crack, boi,
You better watch your back.
‘Cause around here we don’t mess around!

On the Smelly crack we fear no one.
Gets so crusty but we have our fun.
Try no trouble or to hurt no one.
Not respectin’ gonna meet action.
Show me the way…
People acting like we don’t exist.
Botchin’ numbers with your scientist.
Teacher tellin’ us that we’re dismissed,
Step onto our turf and you’ll find a fist.

We be here a thousand years,
No intrusion and no fear.
Never wiping, simple fact,
Life gets dirty in the Smelly Crack.

Did you say what’s that smell?
I think I cracked my crusty shell.
My funk mostly hardens up like gel,
But this pile is too fresh., can’t you tell?
Walking around here
You better watch your step.
Being trapped you might regret.
You go somewhere else people get upset…
Clean the bottom of your shoes
Well it’s easy to forget.

(Refrain x2)

They say here there’s nothing to do
Well I tell you that it’s just not true.
Roll up some dookie along with your crew
And cook up a good stink, sound good to you?
It’s not we don’t like your face
People never ever, ever leave this place
And unless your ready to get down and stank
We gonna drop your ass in the septic tank, boi!

(Refrain x2)

I don’t care what you think
The Smelly Crack is where I’m from
And I love it.
They say that place stinks
But it smells like home to me, baby.
You smell that?
That’s some funky shit!

(Refrain x2)

Getting dirty in the Smelly Crack.
Getting dirty in the Smelly Crack.
Getting dirty in the Smelly Crack.
Getting dirty in the Smelly Crack…

(Repeat out)


from Planet Booty, released March 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Germart Oakland, California

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